About Us

SVK GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is a new age company that provides quality IT services and Integrated solutions to the industry across the globe, We offer a wide range of business solutions in general and services in the areas of Customized Software Development.

At SVK, we understand that our client’s needs are ever-changing and need constant attention in terms of process and people who are a company’s most important elements. Our goal is to refine the business process through our expertise and knowledge, align people, thus ensuring that our clienteles are engaged with the customized processes and people that will propel their organization towards success.

Our vision

Our vision is to be one-stop for business solutions/technology solution providers; achieving levels of performance and professionalism. The higher we set our sights and standards, the better we serve the people we care most about.

SVK Global’s firm adherence to business ethics and commitment to meet and exceed client expectations will stand us in good stead to retain the trust and goodwill of clients, shareholders, employees, and customers, worldwide.

With every step that takes us closer to the goal, we raise the bar higher.

We believe this quest for excellence will shape SVK into a world-class organization that sets a global benchmark for the best IT services.

core values


We act as an extension of our client’s office. We are knowledgeable partners providing decisive and dedicated support to our clients.


We honestly represent our clients to candidates and our candidates to clients. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.


We accord the highest respect to information that we have been entrusted with.


We remain committed to deliver high quality services to both candidates and clients by adequately understanding their needs.